Yes you could - but unless you’ve got experience of all aspects of bringing a book to print, there’s every chance you’ll make mistakes and end up with a book you’ll be disappointed with or become disappointed with. You’ve invested weeks, if not months, if not years, of your time writing your book. It’s worth investing a little in professional help to make it the best it can be and not one that joins the masses of self-published books out there that are crying out for editing, proof-reading, an eye-catching professional cover design and a professional print layout. I can help you publish a book that bears none of the hallmarks typical of a self-published book. I’ve learnt the hard way how to do this, so you don’t have to.

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You could always do it all yourself

There are cheaper alternatives

Yes there are (and I don’t provide any services for £5 or $5) - but the old adage likely applies: you get what you pay for. I have clients who have come to me after being shocked at the low standard of work provided by some ‘publishing services experts’ with prices in the mid-range, let alone those at the bargain basement end of the spectrum.  

There are more expensive alternatives

I don’t have the overheads (to pass on to you) that bigger businesses have, and I won’t treat your book project like it’s going through a sausage machine. I offer services that are personally delivered, professional, tailored to your requirements and more to the point than ‘all encompassing’ publishing services - many of which you don't need.

I can handle the entire publication process for you, turning your book from a manuscript into a physical book and an e-book available on Amazon to millions, or I can provide as many or as few services as you need professional support with to make your book project a reality.


In short, I offer bespoke services without the premium price tag. You should take advantage of me whilst I’m still doing this.


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