This page covers a bit about me, my education, background and experience. If you're working with me, this will help explain why you can have every confidence in entrusting work on your book project to me.


I’ve always had a love of books and must have read and owned hundreds, if not thousands, in my time. I’m the author or credited editor of several myself.


I’m educated to Masters level with a Masters degree in Philosophy from Oxford University and a first degree with first class honours with distinction in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from the University of York.

About Lewis

Unhappily for me perhaps, happily for you perhaps, this level of educational achievement didn’t lead me to the highest echelons of public service.  I did, however, work for the University of Oxford for a number of years in a number of different roles.

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Those roles were all in some way related to writing or editing and for the two roles that were most related to writing or editing I received outstanding merit pay awards: one in respect of the two years I spent working in the Department of Social Policy researching and writing for the book A Generation of Change, A Lifetime of Difference?; and one in respect of the two years I spent coordinating the University’s Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division’s return to the government’s research assessment exercise, in particular providing editorial input on the material outlining the impact of the university’s scientific research.


My first published book, however, saw the light of day back in 2006: Scott Walker - The Rhymes of Goodbye (published by Plexus, London). This was followed in 2008 by the above-mentioned A Generation of Change, a serious academic work on social policy co-written with Martin Evans (published by Policy Press, Bristol).


In 2015 with the support of others, I set up the publishing business Corona Books UK. My own trilogy of rude limerick books (The Great British Limerick Book, The Scottish Limerick Book and The Oxbridge Limerick Book) was published under the Corona brand. (I’ve always said these books were born out of a love of language, as well as, I admit, a love of Carry On style humour.)

More recently, I have edited The Corona Book of Horror Stories, to which I also contributed a story, and The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories.  I am currently editing the forthcoming Third Corona Book of Horror Stories, and have recently completed a revised an updated edition of my book on Scott Walker for Plexus Publishing Ltd.


I am as at home editing fiction as I am non-fiction, and will always ensure that the same high standards of editing, proof-reading, print layout and design that go into books published under my own name or by Corona go into whatever book project I work on.

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